GOH (Garments On Hanger)

Garment on hanger (GOH) requests great intention of care in handling the cargo. The success of shipping the merchandise in good condition relies on the techniques, equipment and marketing strategies, MSI ZAHID LOGISTIC SERVICE LLC. possesses them all.

MSI ZAHID LOGISTIC SERVICE LLC. staff are well trained in handling the GOH cargo which serves our clients well from garment pick-up in factory to warehouse, sorting by size/color/style, professional loading and packing onto the airlines unit load device. Our GOH know-how extends from shipping regular GOH merchandise such as blouse, long dress, nightgown and silk wears to leather jackets, garments with bubble sheet or outer carton packing.

The company invests heavily on equipment which enables us to ship the GOH merchandises as of the condition displaying on department store. The warehouse in Air Freight Forwarding Centre locates closely to the airport with floor space over 12,000 square feet. GOH racks and hangers are abundant to accommodate more than 10,000 pieces of garments at a time.





Together with overseas sales force, Moonshine Logistics Ltd. places its target in promoting our professional services to client who has the need of shipping GOH.